First Year Accommodation

All freshers are assigned a room on the main college site (Queen’s Lane). These rooms are split across four buildings: Kelly, Emden and Whitehall, which are used exclusively by freshers, and Besse, which also houses third-year students. The rooms tend to be very similar and are a reasonable size. 

Almost all rooms have: a single bed with mattress, a bed-side cabinet, chest of drawers, desk, desk chair, easy chair, coffee table, wardrobe/hanging space for clothes, desk lamp, book shelf, IT socket, curtains/blinds, and a sink. 

On each floor there are shared bathrooms and small kitchens, which normally have a kettle, toaster, microwave and induction hob. A handful of rooms in Besse are en-suite.

As of 2020-21, if you’re an undergraduate living in College accommodation, you’ll currently pay £1392.00 per term (of 58 days) for a room.

This includes heating, lighting, water and cleaning, but not meals.