Minority Ethnic Officer – Lucia Mullings (she/her)

Hi everyone!

I’m Lucia, your next Ethnic Minorities officer at Teddy hall. I’m responsible for representing the ethnic minority community and our experiences to the college, whether it be the senior members or our peers in the JCR. I hope to organise lots of fun events, such as movie nights and themed dinners, as well as contacting Aularians, to gain as many networking opportunities as possible.

The JCR should be a place where any minority can voice their worries without the fear of being dismissed and I want to improve that culture within the Hall. I will be working closely with the welfare and access officers to strengthen the support for both current and prospective minority ethnic students. Everyone should feel safe and -most importantly- have fun at Teddy!

Please see me as a friendly face to raise your concerns, report any incidents, provide suggestions or simply say hello 🙂

Email: lucia.mullings@seh.ox.ac.uk