Freshers’ Week Information

The Timetable 📅

You will receive a paper copy of this in the Freshers’ Pack you’re given upon arrival at Teddy Hall.

The Essentials ✔️

This guide from the President is a bit more formal, and hopefully tells you everything you need to know about the more boring aspects of coming to college – coming soon!

The Bear Necessities 🧸

This is an informal guide to the college, put together by the Social Secretary and the Entz Reps to give you an idea about what life at Teddy Hall is like, and will be available soon.

Myth Busters

This is a document to calm your worries about life at Oxford. Written by Ellis and Mya, your Access Officers, it’s a really useful guide for what to expect as a fresher in Oxford too!

First Year Accommodation

If you’re not sure where you’re going to be living in first year, check out this page with photos of Teddy Hall’s on-site first year accommodation and what college provide for you alongside your room.

Here to Help

If you have any questions or problems, or just want someone to talk to, get in touch with the President, speak to the Peer Supporters, take a look at the Welfare page, send the Fresher’s Rep an email, or check out our glossary if you need any Oxford-isms explained!