Arms shaking, sweat drenched in your hair, cold tungsten biting at your fingers – darts is a cruel and unrelenting mistress for many of the Hall’s finest athletes. Whether you’ll be enshrining your name in the annals of history and the bar walls by hitting the fabled 180, or just joining for lively and sociable inter-college fixtures, SEHDC is open for aspiring players of all abilities. As the most storied club in Teddy Hall and the only one with onsite facilities (read: the board in the Buttery), we’re lucky enough to have easy access to regular ‘practice’ (read: throwing darts for ten minutes before getting frustrated and ordering a drink). Almost all our players had never touched a dart before coming to Oxford so it can’t be stressed enough just how unimportant actual ability is provided you’re prepared to make outlandish claims that you can’t deliver on and to back yourself even after you’ve already lost. We play once or twice a week in Michaelmas and Hilary in league and friendly matches that are always really fun and relaxed, so we would encourage all members of the Hall to come down and get involved regardless of whether they intend to throw. Having won the Super League just two years ago, and sadly falling early in cuppers in the year just gone, SEHDC will be well incentivised to fight to reattain former glory. That said, in the immortal words of darts GOAT Phil Taylor, “No-one cares who wins; they only care who has the most Rizz.” Get involved.