SEHRFC (St Edmund Hall Rugby Football Club)

St Edmund Hall RFC is the most successful rugby club in Oxfords long history of college sport. Having won over half of every Cuppers tournament we have ever entered, we have a big rugby legacy that we are striving to continue. Unfortunately, last year we were unable to get our 3rd cuppers victory in a row; instead, we will look to this coming season to regain our title and to make up for the lost celebrations from last season. The Cuppers tournament offers colleges competitive, hard-fought rugby. Past campaigns have always with fans storming the pitch in celebration, beer flying everywhere, players and supporters alike in tears of joy. It is this scene which symbolises how much rugby means to the Hall. Although it is not all competitive, we accommodate players at any level, from beginners right up to those with professional contracts. Throughout the year, there are many friendlies and we are the only college to run a second XV, The Hilarians. As a result, we consider ourselves one of the most inclusive clubs as well as successful . Across the season and the two teams we offer a great mix of serious rugby and a more Sunday league style as well, so everyone is encouraged to get involved. The college is very proud of its rugby team and games often attract large crowds of supporters. On the Saturday of fresher’s week, we will take on the Teddy Hall Old Boys so be sure to come and play or watch. After every match on a Saturday rugby drinks is held in the college bar. These drinks are great fun and enable a good social mixing for people from all over college. Rugby is the soul of Teddy Hall and I can’t recommend getting involved in any capacity enough. Please do feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the rugby club.

Men’s Side:

Teddy Hall is known for having a strong reputation in sports but especially for Rugby. We’ve won over half the rugby Cuppers that we’ve entered and, with many players of different abilities, there’s a space for everyone.
‘Teddy Hall is one of the only colleges with a second rugby team. One of the best things in my opinion about Teddy Hall is that we have so many teams so we accept all standards! Personally one of the reasons I applied was the two rugby teams. I hadn’t played in around three years, so knowing there were a couple of sides for someone who was less experienced was a huge plus’ – James

Women’s side:

Teddy Hall has quite a strong history of women’s rugby (just take a look at the wall of the college bar) and we currently compete on a side with Brasenose. This year (2019/20) we won the inter-collegiate rugby Cuppers with a team made up of players of all abilities. Since many people on the women’s side haven’t played the sport before, we’re open to all levels from university standard to absolute beginners!