Women and Minority Gender Identities’ Officers – Beyza Akgun (she/her) and April Dublin-Beeton (she/her)

Hello everyone!

We are Beyza (3rd year Biochemistry) and April (3rd year Fine Art) and we are your Women and Minority Gender Identities’ officers! Our role is to integrate undergraduate students here at the Hall and organise events where everyone can participate. We aim to create a warm environment and make everyone’s experience at Teddy an unforgettable one. Our planned events for the following academic year include a variety of social (both drinking and non-drinking) events as well as welfare-oriented ones, such as inviting notable female guest speakers. Both of us are easily accessible around college (usually in the library) and so will always be around for anyone with any issues or concerns to address, or even just for a chat. Also, we are always open to new suggestions and would love to hear about other people’s thoughts and opinions on what we could plan for the future. We aren’t limited to Women of the Hall only, as we intend to continue planning events with the current Men and Minority Gender Identities’ officers as well.

We hope we can create many memorable moments, as we look forward to undertaking this role!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have: