The JCR Committee

The JCR Committee preside over the General Meetings, and act as representatives for the undergraduate body in their various positions, as well as taking responsibility for organising social events, reporting on happenings in the hall and supervising the general welfare of the JCR. You can find everyone’s official duties in the constitution.

Most positions in the JCR Committee are decided by elections held twice per year, with the first set of elections taking place to coincide with OUSU elections in Week 6 Michaelmas, and the second set of elections in 6th Week Hilary. The terms of office for elected positions run from one full year from around the end of the term in which the election takes place. 

The contact details of each committee can be found by clicking into their respective profiles.

The 2022-23 Committee:

Catherine Gower (she/her)
Welfare Officers
Lalou Laredo (she/her) & Joss Carr (he/him)
Access Officers
Mya Hesketh-Bream (she/her) & Ellis Hall (he/him)
Women and Minority Gender Identities’ Officers
Eve Gueterbock (she/her) & Charlotte Rich-Jones (she/her)
Academic Officer
Wejia Gao (she/her)
Environment & Ethics Rep
Lenny Ballieux (he/him)
Gender and Sexual Diversity Officers
Harry McWilliam (they/them) and Amy Shaw (she/her)
Arts and Culture Officers
 Ella Soni (she/her), Bliss Ashley (she/her) and Eve Aspland (she/her)
Men and Minority Gender Identities’ Officer
Reuben Kyne and Leo Brake (he/him)
Disabilities Officer
Saul Manasse (he/him)