The JCR General Meeting

The JCR holds General Meetings three times a term, hosted in the JCR (room) on the Sundays of the 1st, 4th and 7th Week. These meetings start at 8pm, but make sure you arrive in good time to be sure of getting your hands on free pizza. Submit your motions to the JCR Secretary by at least 24 hours before the meeting. Reminders of the meetings will be sent by the Secretary and minutes are emailed round shortly after the meeting.  


See below the agenda and minutes for our past JCR meetings.

Meeting Date AgendaMinutes
10th October 2022n/a10/10/22 Minutes
2nd November 202202/11/22 Agenda02/11/22 Minutes
14th November 2022Hustings14/11/22 Minutes
21st November 2022Agenda21/11/22 Minutes
22nd January 202322/01/23 Agenda22/01/23 Minutes
13th February 202313/02/23 Agenda13/02/23 Minutes
20th February 2023Hustings20/02/23 Minutes
6th March 202306/03/23 Agenda06/03/23 Minutes
8th May 202308/05/23 Agenda08/05/23 Minutes
4th June 202304/06/23 Agenda04/06/23 Minutes
13th June 202313/06/23 Agenda13/06/23 Minutes


Motions are the “Official Decrees” of the JCR – ratified by a vote in JCR General Meetings. With the exception of “one off” motions, a motion is valid for three years from the end of the term in which the motion is passed, unless a contradictory motion is passed before this period is over. A motion can be proposed about anything within the JCR’s control, including the expenditure of the JCR budget, charitable donations, changes to the constitution and requests for the appropriate member of the JCR to negotiate with the college authorities on specific matters.

Each motion submitted for consideration at a general meeting requires both a proposer and a seconder. 

Motion Format:

​The JCR notes that:
Whatever you wish the JCR to note. These must be solid facts.

The JCR believes that:
Whatever understanding or opinion of the above point(s) you wish the JCR to come to.

The JCR resolves to:
Whatever you want the JCR or its officers to do about it.

Proposed: Your name
Seconded: Your seconder’s name


Charity motions work in much the same way as regular motions, but we have a special fund reserved for making donations. The constitution below contains specifics regarding how to submit motions for the JCR to make a charitable donation.